STK 100: Intro to 1891 Statkeeping

Thank you for your interest in doing Statkeeping for 1891, The Official Brand of Basketball. We have designed this course to provide the information necessary for you to join our squad and begin positively impacting lives through basketball.

In this course you will learn:

  1. What is 1891? (Our purpose and our WHY)
  2. How did we start? (Our story and our evolution)
  3. What do we believe? (Our company values)
  4. What service do we offer? (The role and the value)
  5. How does it work? (The software and techniques)
  6. How do we operate? (Our service brand)
Tyler · September 27, 2021

Learn what it takes to join the 1891 Squad, be a part of the community and represent the brand as a staff member.

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